Will Fech -- Final Story


"Kinky, anonymous sex with old men is my thing"


I try to remember that the first thing Will told me was a lie -- something like, "My name is Josh and I am looking forward to meeting you."

This is the story of how Will Fech hustled me, hiding his real self, culturing my friendship, including a developmental history of his sex work, and some speculative thoughts on how or what Will is doing now.

New Private Missive for Will

(updated Aug )

Will Fech sex work profile from rentmasseur pg1
Will Fech as Josh_Gent on RentMasseur.com
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William Fech description as Josh_Gent on RentMasseur.com

The name ‘Josh’ and ‘Gent_Josh’ or ‘Josh_Gent’ were the handles Will created for himself online and in person when he first met men. He told me he created ‘Josh’ because he had some trouble with a past clients, which seems very likely. I found him in July of 2017, on Craigslist, where he posted a simple ad with the title "Anyone want a young man's massage?" It iss clear from his message to me after our session that he had been doing sex work since the year before, which is when he first arrived in Montreal.

will fech craigstlist 1 picture
Will Fech on Craigslist.com

No hustler has ever captured my attention as well as Will. He was the perfect gentleman with me while he courted my attention and the initial months with him were always a pleasure.

Will presented himself as a reserved, small-town boy in the big city, though I realize now rereading his initial email that he had been hustling for some time before I met him and was already experiencing problems. You can read his skill at writing in this note, "...everything else about me is true! Ha." We call this foreshadowing.

Will's first email to me

He maintained this wholesome persona with me until I found two profiles, a year after I first met him, that were completely incongruous with this image; his Rent.Men profile, which I found first, and his SilverDaddies profile. Finding this profile had a big effect - but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's first look at the developmental history of Will's public nudity and sex work, and then we can consider the images Will presents in his public persona as a teacher, lecturer, and performer.

It's not that massage or sex work is wrong

Let's be very clear here; the fact that such a lovely young man exchanges his sexual intimacy for money is not something I find a problem at all. Clearly, I encourage it.

Many of the men and women Will has as friends may want to 'standup' for him, feeling a sense of pity, empathy, or want to help him out of a tough situation. Some may even secretly desire to enjoy his sexual favors since, as is clear from his profiles, he's a very exprienced, sexually satisfying, and versitile man.

I have always assumed Will would use his charms to describe his situation as necessary, inevitable, or even a last resort for a hard-up young man. Feeling sorry for him is the start towards the deceptive play he wants to perform for you. As you read more, you will see how wrong an interpretation of events this can be.

Actors and performers act and perform.

Self report is not a reliable source of information on the character of a man, one of the most common findings in the field of social psychology, in which I have the best of training. Observed behavior tells so much. These profiles are not fiction.

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profile of Will Fech as Gent_Josh on Rent.men
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description for Will Fech as Gent_Josh on Rent.Men
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early picture of Will Fech from LeoList

The Will Fech standard story

His introductory paragraph used on many sites and a fundamental statement imbeded with central themes of personality, especially his 'close readings':

After a Rocky Mountain upbringing in Cody, Wyoming, I received a BA in English and Film Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2008), an MA in European Cinema from the University of Glasgow (2011), and an MA in English from Oregon State University (2013). I healthily obsess over global art cinema, exhibition, and pedagogy. I still believe in close readings and thinking through stories, characters, and aesthetics in the classroom. My dissertation focuses on how art house cinemas have changed since the digital transition. Song and dance are my true passions, though, which I cultivate in Montreal’s vibrant theater scene.

Difficult Family

This description of his past hints at the family enviroment, which must be troublesome for Will -- the lack of any description of his youth through most of his biographies and writings, and the less than smooth path in the hills (another read of 'rocky'). His family is mostly still in Wyoming with the usual happy Facebook family on Mary Fech's facebook page, showing his dad, James Fech, and Will's siblings.

During our week and a half trip to play snooker halls in Nova Scotia and New Brunsick, Will began to open up to me about his family. He hadn't told his father he has sex with men, though he had told his mother he was bisexual. Will's father had some money he wanted to give him, which may not have happened if Will told his father he was a sex worker and especially enjoyed older men.

During our long talks, Will told me his brother is a convicted pedophile .

When Will and I discussed how this came to be, he said his brother 'was under a lot of stress....' In my most serious and professional voice I had asked Will if he had ever been abused. Will said 'he didn't remember anything happening to him.' I told him how odd a reply this was...most people would say directly 'no, nothing happened'. I assumed the reason Will could never tell his father he enjoyed sex with men (especially old men) or that had to tell his mother he was bisexual (a less than 'gay' designation) stemmed from a family evironment that had engendered a pedophile and an internalized self-abasement for Will.

One of the saddest articles I have read from Will was written during his college years in Nebraska, not so very long ago.

Will Fech Daily Nebraskan
Will Fech's article 'on being straight'

Here you can read the self-denial and problems of sexual identity he clearly faced (and may still), his lack of self-acceptance as a young man. Many men grow up in unhealthy homes or social environments that create this duality of sexual identity, even in this modern digital age with access to positive sex role models.

Will's need to distance himself from 'the Village scene' in all his profiles for meeting gay/bisexual men on Tindr, Scruff, Grindr, or Adam4Adam (and others) probably stems from this inner self-hating conflict. I once told Will I didn't think he was at all homophobic, but clearly self-hating. That may be a new idea to many, but not to psychologists well trained in the development of personality and sexual identity. At least, it's not new to me.

Our first session

Will comes from Cody, Wyoming, which I learned at the end of our first session together, in a small bedroom at the back of the ground floor of the gite I used to frequent in the Gay Village. Will had come into my room, easily dropped his clothes, showing off his fit, trimmed hairy chest and legs, with a full, smooth ass that enjoyed the attention it received from my eyes, and eventually, my mouth. I will never forget how he ambled onto the bed, had me lie face down, and proceeded to rub me with oil, sliding his legs and body against mine, his cock constantly brushing against my arms, my legs, my torso, even my head while he moved around me.

His cock became hard within the first 10 minutes, and I stroked it periodically, though he managed to pull it from my hands each time he moved to another part of my body. The tension of touching, caressing, then pulling away, is a dance we continued for a year and a half.

Will's dark hair and strong, masculine beauty leads any man to distraction -- on our first meeting, since I am a truly social man, I shared my own history. Since I'm from Montana, we discussed the quality of life in small towns and the great happiness of not living in them.

Our conversation moved adroitly to his education, how he was getting a PhD at Concordia in Film Studies, and his past Masters degrees from Oregon, Scotland, and Nebraska. Massage had become a way of earning additional cash when he moved into a private apartment a short time after beginning his graduate program in Montreal.

On our first time together, he also told me he was bisexual, enjoyed intimacy with both men and women, and did massage and escorting with both. I found out some months later he had a website, GentJosh.com that was created to enable him to find women to service, though I think he only met one or two women through it. He could only tell me one specific story of a woman who had engaged him for sex and escorting – she was in town for a conference and found his site somehow, most likely from his listing on LeoList or Craigslist while it was still active. I had met Will on Craigslist, so this private website seemed like an adroit additional use of his ability to have sex with whomever paid him.


So Many Profiles/Images -

"close readings and thinking through stories, characters, and aesthetics"

Will's sex work profile pictures were alwasy a joking nod to the film-noirs he loves so much. The white boxed face, which like blackout bars never really hides his identity, makes him look different that all the other escorts and hustlers -- which was the intent I'm sure. It certainly caught my attention. I try to remember that the analysis and construction of pictoral images, both in self-reference and others, is part of his doctoral work -- it's clearly part of his deeply imbeded socail skill set. At all times Will is aware of the impression he makes on others -- I once told him how he is 'high self monitoring' -- <insert footnote here with cites>



I once tested the penchant Will had for new online identities and creating personalities or profiles during a game of snooker. A website for fetish men and women JALF had shown up in one of my searches for sex workers, information, and clubs in Montreal. I told Will about it casually during one of our snooker games, how it had lots of bisexual men and various types of kink/fetish users.

After I dropped Will at his Berri apartment, I drove to my Hochelaga apartment and logged onto the site. Will had already created a profile and was searching on Jalf.com for new contacts. This was a mere 20 minutes from when I dropped him off, so he had to have pictures/text and more readily available to upload.

I immediately sent him a message but it was clear he was angry and deleted his profile, though he may have gone back on and created another identity (his usual practice) so he could continue finding contacts.

The more I searched for sites related to hustling and fetish sex (both free and for hustling), the more I found profiles of Will. Since I was looking for places hustlers worked, I found his profiles on:

Friendpro, LeoList.com, Craigslist, Rent.men, Rentmasseur.com, SilverDaddies, Scruff, Grindr, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Tindr, Jock2Go.com


Snooker became a central part of my time with Will after only a few months of hiring him regularly. He had introduced me to the idea of the game after I became a bi-weekly client, probably during one of the dinners I always took him on either before or after our massage sessions. It became a truly lovely way to enjoy his company and, since I grew up playing pool, expanded my interest and skill at cue sports. I say skill, but I’m not very good at them, though I love to play. My lodge has a pool table which I purchased the first months I opened.

Stories: *** unfinished sections to be completed later ***
snooker tour

Ottawa run-in - with choir he won’t sing with ($150 per diem, sex?)

Intro to ballet, boy, coat check

Opera - no one to go with - fucking Nicolas

meme’s to discuss:

-- constantly txt'ing best friend - Jean - met once, never sees her

-- old men just want to touch a young body

-- Videos of old men fucking him

-- SilverDaddies vs Rent.men sexuality

*** ‘Repeat’ clients he was still seeing

- straight couple - -contact ever two weeks - client jo while Will fucks her

- arab student at McGill

- old dentist in old Montreal (fireworks story)

- old man review

- massage with partner of Dawson college prof

The Trouble with Hairy

Most of Will’s relationships, which are short termed, seemed to end with trouble – his girlfriend he acquired while I knew him was ‘troubled’. His singular boyfriend in Oregon where he acquired one of his Master Degrees didn’t end well, though he had told his mother he was bisexual during the relationship. And the only relationship he described as ‘serious’ for him, a woman doctor who used a strap-on or dildo to fuck him during their sex, ended with ‘tears’ or so he told me.
She ended it. He felt bad. He cried. That’s all he would tell me. That, and they were together about two or three months. He considered it his longest relationship.

I gave Will a set of butt plugs he uses in his Chaturbate video shows

As with many people, I also noticed that most of his dating relationships developed from friends he met socially. He once told me he didn't fuck with friends (we were 'becoming' friends). Yet many of his close friends, and I always suspected possibly some of his professional relationships, were men and women with whom he had sex. Some of his fellow singers and actors were men and women he specifically told me sex stores about.

I assumed he told me these things to produce jealousy in me or when he needed to show me his prowess. (the problem of competition between hustlers is discussed at length in John's story).

Most recently, using a new Scruff Profile Will has again incorporated a new technique for meeting bi-men and possibly clients with the help of a female friend.

Specificaly Will told me of sexual behavior with friends:

- Ian; "I fucked him good!" - Instagram -- Facebook

- Shannon; "We fucked in my bed after sunning on the roof...."

- Nicolas; "I have a date with him tomorrow night - yes, I may fuck him..."

- Marie Alexiou; "we had sex until 1am so I'm tired right now." (they dated/were in the Lyric together-he told me had trouble cumming with her at times see section on deception). Lyric Review with pictures

- Tarik/partner dinner; "they got handsy with me..." - Instagram-- Facebook

- Jeff et al (Magog); "he was easy; he hits on everyone..."

This really is a common pattern - sex becomes a cement that binds men and women to Will. He is immensely sexy and attractive and knows the power his good looks have over others. I was bound to him by sex.