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Concordia University


After a Rocky Mountain upbringing in Cody, Wyoming, I received a BA in English and Film Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2008), an MA in European Cinema from the University of Glasgow (2011), and an MA in English from Oregon State University (2013). I healthily obsess over global art cinema, exhibition, and pedagogy. I still believe in close readings and thinking through stories, characters, and aesthetics in the classroom. My dissertation focuses on how art house cinemas have changed since the digital transition. Song and dance are my true passions, though, which I cultivate in Montreal’s vibrant theater scene.
“Ticket Stubs, Social Hub: Capital and Community Programming at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.” In The Projector: Reinvestigating Art House Exhibition, June, 2018

“‘Life is Full of Difficult Decisions’: Imaging Struggle in Henner Winckler’s Lucy and Kelly Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy.” In A Transnational Art-Cinema: Berlin School and its Global Contexts, edited by Marco Abel and Jaime Fischer. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, June 2018

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